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570.402-6 Cost-benefit analysis.

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570.402-6 Cost-benefit analysis.

570.402-6 Cost-benefit analysis.

      (a)  The cost-benefit analysis must consider all the following:

           (1)  The prices of other potentially available properties.

           (2)  Relocation costs, including estimated costs for moving, telecommunications, and alterations, amortized over the firm term of the lease.

           (3)  Duplication of costs to the Government.

           (4)  Other appropriate considerations.

      (b)  Establish the prices for other potentially available properties by requesting each prospective offeror to provide an informational quotation for standard space for comparison purposes.

           (1)  Adjust the prices quoted for standard space for any special requirements.

           (2)  You do not need a formal SFO to obtain the informational quotation. However, you must provide a general description of the Government’s needs.

           (3)  If you obtain oral quotations, document the following information, as a minimum:

                (i)  Name and address of the firm solicited.

                (ii)  Name of the firm’s representative providing the quote.

                (iii)  Price(s) quoted.

                (iv)  Description of the space and services for which the quote is provided.

                (v)  Name of the Government employee soliciting the quotation.

                (vi)  Date of the conversation.

           (4)  Compare the informational quotations to the present lessor’s price, adjusted to reflect the anticipated price for a succeeding lease.