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3.301 General.

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3.301 General.

3.301 General.

      (a) Practices that eliminate competition or restrain trade usually lead to excessive prices and may warrant criminal, civil, or administrative action against the participants. Examples of anticompetitive practices are collusive bidding, follow-the-leader pricing, rotated low bids, collusive price estimating systems, and sharing of the business.

      (b) contracting personnel are an important potential source of investigative leads for antitrust enforcement and Should therefore be sensitive to indications of unlawful behavior by offerors and contractors. Agency personnel shall report, in accordance with agency regulations, evidence of suspected antitrust violations in acquisitions for possible referral to-

           (1) The Attorney General under 3.303; and

           (2) The agency office responsible for contractor Debarment and Suspension under subpart  9.4.