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32.1007 Administration and payment of performance-based payments.

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32.1007 Administration and payment of performance-based payments.

32.1007 Administration and payment of performance-based payments.

      (a) Responsibility. The contracting officer responsible for administering performance-based payments (see 42.302(a)(13)) for the contract shall review and approve all performance-based payments for that contract.

      (b) Approval of financing requests. Unless otherwise provided in agency regulations, or by agreement with the appropriate payment official-

           (1) The contracting officer shall be responsible for receiving, approving, and transmitting all performance-based payment requests to the appropriate payment office; and

           (2) Each approval shall specify the amount to be paid, necessary contractual information, and the appropriation account(s) (see 32.1004(c)) to be charged for the payment.

      (c) Reviews. The contracting officer is responsible for determining what reviews are required for protection of the Government’s interests. The contracting officer should consider the contractor’s experience, performance record, reliability, financial strength, and the adequacy of controls established by the contractor for the administration of performance-based payments. Based upon the risk to the Government, post-payment reviews and verifications should normally be arranged as considered appropriate by the contracting officer. If considered necessary by the contracting officer, pre-payment reviews may be required.

      (d) Incomplete performance. The contracting officer shall not approve a performance-based payment until the specified event or performance criterion has been successfully accomplished in accordance with the contract. If an event is cumulative, the contracting officer shall not approve the performance-based payment unless all identified preceding events or criteria are accomplished.

      (e) Government-caused delay. Entitlement to a performance-based payment is solely on the basis of successful performance of the specified events or performance criteria. However, if there is a Government-caused delay, the contracting officer may renegotiate the performance-based payment schedule to facilitate contractor billings for any successfully accomplished portions of the delayed event or criterion.