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34.201 Policy.

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34.201 Policy.

34.201 Policy.

      (a) An Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is required for major acquisitions for development, in accordance with OMB Circular A-11. The Government may also require an EVMS for other acquisitions, in accordance with agency procedures.

      (b) If the Offeror proposes to use a system that has not been determined to be in compliance with the Electronic Industries Alliance Standard 748 (EIA-748), the Offeror shall submit a comprehensive plan for compliance with these EVMS standards. Offerors shall not be eliminated from consideration for contract award because they do not have an EVMS that complies with these standards.

      (c) As a minimum, contracting officers shall require contractors to submit EVMS monthly reports for those contracts for which an EVMS applies.

      (d) EVMS requirements will be applied to subcontractors using the same rules as applied to the prime contractor.

      (e) When an Offeror is required to provide an EVMS plan as part of its proposal, the contracting officer will determine the adequacy of the proposed EVMS plan prior to contract award.