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4.1702 Applicability.

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4.1702 Applicability.

4.1702 Applicability.

      (a) This subpart applies to–

           (1) All FAIR Act agencies, except DoD as specified in 4.1705;

           (2) Solicitations, contracts, and orders for services (including Construction) that meet or exceed the thresholds at 4.1703; and

           (3) Contractors and first-tier subcontractors.

      (b) Procedures for compiling and submitting agency service contract inventories are governed by section 743(a)(3) of Division C of Pub. L. 111-117 and Office of Federal procurement Policy (OFPP) guidance. The guidance is available at the following Web site:

      (c) This subpart addresses requirements for obtaining information from, and reporting by, agency service contractors.