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4.705-3 Acquisition and supply records.

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4.705-3 Acquisition and supply records.

4.705-3 Acquisition and supply records.

      (a) Store requisitions for materials, supplies, equipment, and services: Retain 2 years.

      (b) Work orders for maintenance and other services: Retain 4 years.

      (c) Equipment records, consisting of equipment usage and status reports and equipment repair orders: Retain 4 years.

      (d) Expendable property records, reflecting accountability for the receipt and use of material in the performance of a contract: Retain 4 years.

      (e) Receiving and inspection report records, consisting of reports reflecting receipt and inspection of supplies, equipment, and materials: Retain 4 years.

      (f) Purchase order files for supplies, equipment, material, or services used in the performance of a contract; supporting documentation and backup files including, but not limited to, invoices, and memoranda; e.g., memoranda of negotiations showing the principal elements of subcontract price negotiations (see 52.244-2): Retain 4 years.

      (g) Production records of quality control, reliability, and inspection: Retain 4 years.

      (h) Property records (see FAR 45.101 and 52.245-1): Retain 4 years.