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46.104 Contract administration office responsibilities.

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46.104 Contract administration office responsibilities.

46.104 Contract administration office responsibilities.

When a contract is assigned for administration to the contract administration office cognizant of the contractor’s plant, that office, unless specified otherwise, shall-

      (a) Develop and apply efficient procedures for performing Government contract quality assurance actions under the contract in accordance with the written direction of the contracting office;

      (b) Perform all actions necessary to verify whether the supplies or services conform to contract quality requirements;

      (c) Maintain, as part of the performance records of the contract, suitable records reflecting-

           (1) The nature of Government contract quality assurance actions, including, when appropriate, the number of observations made and the number and type of defects; and

           (2) Decisions regarding the acceptability of the products, the processes, and the requirements, as well as action to correct defects.

      (d) Implement any specific written instructions from the contracting office;

      (e) Report to the contracting office any defects observed in design or technical requirements, including contract quality requirements; and

      (f) Recommend any changes necessary to the contract, specifications, instructions, or other requirements that will provide more effective operations or eliminate unnecessary costs (see 46.103(c)).