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46.105 Contractor responsibilities.

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46.105 Contractor responsibilities.

46.105 Contractor responsibilities.

      (a) The contractor is responsible for carrying out its obligations under the contract by-

           (1) Controlling the quality of supplies or services;

           (2) Tendering to the Government for acceptance only those supplies or services that conform to contract requirements;

           (3) Ensuring that vendors or suppliers of raw materials, parts, components, subassemblies, etc., have an acceptable quality control system; and

           (4) Maintaining substantiating evidence, when required by the contract, that the supplies or services conform to contract quality requirements, and furnishing such information to the Government as required.

      (b) The contractor may be required to provide and maintain an inspection system or program for the control of quality that is acceptable to the Government (see 46.202).

      (c) The control of quality by the contractor may relate to, but is not limited to-

           (1) Manufacturing processes, to ensure that the product is produced to, and meets, the contract’s technical requirements;

           (2) Drawings, specifications, and engineering changes, to ensure that manufacturing methods and operations meet the contract’s technical requirements;

           (3) Testing and examination, to ensure that practices and equipment provide the means for optimum evaluation of the characteristics subject to inspection;

           (4) Reliability and maintainability assessment (life, endurance, and continued readiness);

           (5) Fabrication and delivery of products, to ensure that only conforming products are tendered to the Government;

           (6) Technical documentation, including drawings, specifications, handbooks, manuals, and other technical publications;

           (7) Preservation, packaging, packing, and marking; and

           (8) Procedures and processes for services to ensure that services meet contract performance requirements.

      (d) The contractor is responsible for performing all inspections and test required by the contract except those specifically reserved for performance by the Government (see 46.201(c)).