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47.506 Procedures.

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47.506 Procedures.

47.506 Procedures.

      (a) The contracting officer shall obtain assistance from the transportation activity (see 47.105) in developing appropriate shipping instructions and delivery terms for inclusion in solicitations and contracts that may involve ocean transportation of supplies subject to the requirements of the Cargo Preference Act of1954 (see 47.502(a)(3)).

      (b) When the contractor notifies the contracting officer that a privately owned U.S.-flag commercial vessel is not available, the contracting officer shall seek assistance from the transportation activity.

      (c) For purposes of determining the availability of privately owned U.S.-flag commercial vessels at fair and reasonable rates, rates filed and published in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Maritime Commission may be accepted as fair and reasonable. When applicable rates for charter cargoes are not in published tariffs, a determination as to whether the rates are fair and reasonable shall be obtained from the Maritime Administration.

      (d) The Maritime Administration has issued regulations (46 CFR381) that require agencies to submit reports regarding ocean shipments. contracting officers shall follow agency regulations when preparing, or furnishing information for, these reports.