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50.103-3 Contract adjustment.

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50.103-3 Contract adjustment.

50.103-3 Contract adjustment.

      (a) Contractor requests. A contractor seeking a contract adjustment shall submit a request in duplicate to the contracting officer or an authorized representative. The request, normally a letter, shall state as a minimum-

           (1) The precise adjustment requested;

           (2) The essential facts, summarized chronologically in narrative form;

           (3) The contractor’s conclusions based on these facts, showing, in terms of the considerations set forth in 50.103-1 and 50.103-2, when the contractor considers itself entitled to the adjustment; and

           (4) Whether or not-

                (i) All obligations under the contracts involved have been discharged;

                (ii) Final payment under the contracts involved has been made;

                (iii) Any proceeds from the request will be subject to assignment or other transfer, and to whom; and

                (iv) The contractor has sought the same, or a similar or related, adjustment from the Government Accountability Office or any other part of the Government, or anticipates doing so.

      (b) Contractor certification. A contractor seeking a contract adjustment that exceeds the Simplified acquisition threshold shall, at the time the request is submitted, submit a certification by a person authorized to certify the request on behalf of the contractor that-

           (1) The request is made in good faith; and

           (2) The supporting data are accurate and complete to the best of that person’s knowledge and belief.