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53.228 Bonds and insurance.

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53.228 Bonds and insurance.

53.228 Bonds and insurance.

The following standard forms are prescribed for use for bond and Insurance requirements, as specified in part  28 . These forms can be found at the GSA Forms Library at . All the following forms are authorized for local reproduction, except for SF 25 B.

      (a) SF 24 (Rev. 8/2016) bid bond. (See 28.106-1.)

      (b) SF 25 (Rev. 8/2016) Performance bond. (See 28.106-1(b).)

      (c) SF 25A (Rev. 8/2016) Payment bond. (See 28.106-1(c).)

      (d) SF 25B (For Standard Forms 24, 25, and 25A). (Rev.10/1983), Continuation Sheet Forms 24, 25, and 25A (See 28.106-1(c).)

      (e) SF 28 (Rev. Feb 2021) Affidavit of Individual surety. (See 28.106-1(e) and 28.203-1(b)(3).)

      (f) SF 34 (Rev. 8/2016), Annual bid bond. (See 28.106-1(f).)

      (g) SF 35 (Rev. 8/2016), Annual Performance bond. (See 28.106-1.)

      (h) SF 273 (Rev. 4/2013) reinsurance Agreement for a bond statute Performance bond. (See 28.106-1(h) and 28.202(a)(4).)

      (i) SF 274 (Rev. 4/2013) reinsurance Agreement for a bond statute Payment bond. (See 28.106-1(i) and 28.202(a)(4).)

      (j) SF 275 (Rev. 10/98) reinsurance Agreement in Favor of the United States. (See 28.106-1(j) and 28.202(a)(4).)

      (k) SF 1414 (Rev. 10/93), Consent of surety.

      (l) SF 1415 (Rev. 7/93), Consent of surety and Increase of Penalty. (See 28.106-1(l).)

      (m) SF 1416 (Rev. 10/98) Payment bond for Other than construction Contracts. (See 28.106-1(m).)

      (n) SF 1418 (Rev. 2/99) Performance bond For Other Than construction Contracts. (See 28.106-1(n).)

      (o) OF 91 (1/90Ed.), Release of personal property from Escrow. (See 28.106-1(o) and 28.203-3(a).)