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53.243 Contract modifications (SF 30).

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53.243 Contract modifications (SF 30).

53.243 Contract modifications (SF 30).

SF 30 (Rev.11/2016), Amendment of solicitation/ Modification of contract. SF 30 is prescribed for use in amending invitation for bids, as specified in 14.208 ; modifying purchase and delivery orders, as specified in 13.302-3 ; and modifying contracts, as specified in 42.1203(h), 43.301 , 49.602-5 , and elsewhere in this regulation. The form may also be used to amend solicitations for negotiated contracts, as specified in 15.210 (b). Pending the publication of a new edition of the form, Instruction (b), Item 3 (effective date), is revised in paragraphs (3) and (5) as follows:

(b) Item3 (effective date).

(3) For a modification issued as a confirming notice of termination for the convenience of the Government, the effective date of the confirming notice shall be the same as the effective date of the initial notice.

(5) For a modification confirming the termination contracting officer’s previous letter determination of the amount due in settlement of a contract Termination for convenience, the effective date shall be the same as the effective date of the previous letter determination.