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53.249 Termination of contracts.

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53.249 Termination of contracts.

53.249 Termination of contracts.

      (a) The following forms are prescribed for use in connection with the termination of contracts, as specified in subpart  49.6. These forms are available at the GSA Forms Library at These forms are authorized for local reproduction except for SF 1034.

           (1) SF 1034 (GAO), Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other than Personal. (See 49.302(a).)

           (2) SF 1435 (Rev. 03/2016), Settlement Proposal (Inventory Basis). (See 49.602-1(a).)

           (3) SF 1436 (Rev. 5/2004), Settlement Proposal (Total Cost Basis). (See 49.602-1(b).)

           (4) SF 1437 (Rev. 9/1997), Settlement Proposal for Cost-Reimbursement Type Contracts. (See 49.602-1(c) and 49.302.)

           (5) SF 1438 (Rev. 5/2004), Settlement Proposal (Short Form). (See 49.602-1(d).)

           (6) SF 1439 (Rev. 7/1989), Schedule of Accounting Information. (See 49.602-3.)

           (7) SF 1440 (Rev. 01/1995), Application for Partial Payment. (See 49.602-4.)

      (b) SF 1428 (Rev. 6/2007), Inventory Disposal Schedule, and Standard Form 1429 (Rev. 1/2016), Inventory Disposal Schedule-Continuation Sheet, shall be used to support termination settlement proposals listed in paragraph (a) of this section, as specified in 49.602-2. These forms are available at the GSA Forms Library at