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8.601 General.

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8.601 General.

8.601 General.

      (a) Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI), also referred to as UNICOR, is a self-supporting, wholly owned Government corporation of the District of Columbia.

      (b) FPI provides training and employment for prisoners confined in Federal penal and correctional institutions through the sale of its supplies and services to Government agencies (18 U.S.C.4121-4128).

      (c) FPI diversifies its supplies and services to minimize adverse impact on private industry.

      (d) supplies manufactured and services performed by FPI are listed in the FPI Schedule, which can be accessed at or by submitting a written request to Federal Prison Industries, Inc., Department of Justice, Washington, DC 20534.

      (e) Agencies are encouraged to purchase FPI supplies and services to the maximum extent practicable.