52.301-2 Matrix Notes

Note 1:

The following clauses are prescribed for use in letter contracts:

52.216-23, Execution and Commencement of Work.

52.216-26, Payments of Allowable Costs Before Definitization.

52.216-24, Limitation of Government Liability.

52.232-16, Progress Payments, Alternate II.

52.216-25, Contract Definitization.

52.244-2, Subcontracts.

52.216-25, Contract Definitization, Alternate I.

Further instructions concerning provisions and clauses for letter contracts are set forth in 16.603-4(a).

Note 2:

The following clauses are prescribed for use in Small Business Administration 8(a) contracts:

52.219-11, Special 8(a) Contract Conditions.

52.219-18, Notification of Competition Limited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns.

52.219-12, Special 8(a) Subcontract Conditions.

52.219-18, Alternate I

52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting.

52.219-17, Section 8(a) Award.

Note 3:

FAR provisions and clauses not identified on the matrix may be used in contracts for commercial items consistent with the procedures and limitations in FAR 12.302

Note 4:

The following clause is prescribed for use in Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA) contracts:

52.239-1, Privacy or Security Safeguards. "A".