11.402 Factors to consider in establishing schedules.

      (a) Supplies or services. When establishing a contract delivery or performance schedule, consideration shall be given to applicable factors such as the-

           (1) Urgency of need;

           (2) Industry practices;

           (3) Market conditions;

           (4) Transportation time;

           (5) Production time;

           (6) Capabilities of small business concerns;

           (7) Administrative time for obtaining and evaluating offers and for awarding contracts;

           (8) Time for contractors to comply with any conditions precedent to contract performance; and

           (9) Time for the Government to perform its obligations under the contract; e.g., furnishing Government property.

      (b) Construction. When scheduling the time for completion of a construction contract, the contracting officer shall consider applicable factors such as the-

           (1) Nature and complexity of the project;

           (2) Construction seasons involved;

           (3) Required completion date;

           (4) Availability of materials and equipment;

           (5) Capacity of the contractor to perform; and

           (6) Use of multiple completion dates. (In any given contract, separate completion dates may be established for separable items of work. When multiple completion dates are used, requests for extension of time must be evaluated with respect to each item, and the affected completion dates modified when appropriate.)