22.2102 Policy.

      (a) The Government shall require contractors to allow employees performing work on or in connection with a contract covered by E.O. 13706 to accrue and use paid sick leave in accordance with the E.O. and 29 CFR Part 13.

      (b) Interaction with other laws. Nothing in E.O. 13706 or 29 CFR Part 13 shall excuse noncompliance with or supersede any applicable Federal or State law, any applicable law or municipal ordinance, or a collective bargaining agreement requiring greater paid sick leave or leave rights than those established under E.O. 13706 and 29 CFR Part 13. For additional details regarding interaction with the Service Contract Labor Standards statute, the Wage Rate Requirements (Construction) statute, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and State and local paid sick time laws, see 29 CFR 13.5(f)(2) through (4).

      (c) Interaction with paid time off policies. In accordance with 29 CFR 13.5(f)(5)(i), the paid sick leave requirements of E.O. 13706 and 29 CFR Part 13 may be satisfied by a contractor's voluntary paid time off policy, whether provided pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement or otherwise, where the voluntary paid time off policy meets or exceeds the requirements. For additional details regarding paid time off policies, see 29 CFR 13.5(f)(5)(ii) and (iii).

      (d) Unless otherwise provided in this subpart, compliance is the responsibility of the contractor, and enforcement is the responsibility of the Department of Labor.